Immersive Lab Installation at Gray Area, SF

So about a week ago I sat with @micropixie at Gracias Madre cafe in the Mission. She was interviewing me for a short blurb on a new news app called Ripple (download for iPhone). As we discussed the new DOGON album and other life-changing experiences, I kept overhearing a conversation at a nearby table: "immersive environment," "360 degrees of video projections," and other intriguing teasers -- I'm very audio-distractable, seems like I hear everything whether I want to or not, but my mind had been focused on video projections, MIDI show control, expanding the live experience for DOGON as we plan the tour. So I struck up a conversation with the fellow at the other table. Of course, he mentioned Naut Humon and the gears began turning again.  Of course this whole world was still going on, I had only been sleeping like a complacent, Sippy Cup Rip Van Winkle.  

Fast forward, only one week and my friend Jim Waterwash suggests a Creative Code meetup at the Immersive Lab at Gray Area, SF and of course who opens the door for us, Naut Humon and the whole immersive VR-driven, crazy droning world reopens to us like some kind of Mission Creek oyster.  

Beatific, beta stage work by artists: 

Alexander Pospischil - Ocean Memories
Taurin Barrera - Supercollider
Rodrigo Diaz - Tinkerbell on Mars

VR is alive and well and living on Mission Street - international artist/programmers are creating new work for immersive environments:  I am awake again (but only virtually?)