The Fire of Releasing

As the sun dropped suddenly just weeks away from its Northernmost aperture I was held and released by another fire. We were burning the brush that had been cut this year to protect against greater fires - we are in an historic drought here and have suffered intense and huge fires. While Miguel and I created "All My Relations (at peace)" we were in the midst of the King Fire which consumed 97,000 acres of this county.  I was doing the work to protect this land, but still it was worrisome as the sparks flew upward and seemed like they would never go out. 

I offer myself to you, to build with me and do with me as you will. Relieve me of the bondage of self that I may better do your will. Take away my difficulties that victory over them may bare witness to those I would help of your love, your power, your way of life. 

We are making an offering to the sky and to the friends and fellowship. We have travelled some dark and lonely roads and hope the sounds can be of some comfort if you go that way.  As the fire burned higher I found myself singing out loud to the sky, letting go of the past, of those before me who left in pain -- letting go allows us to make space for what might come next -- and in faith, that something better will come.  I know it will, I hope it will.