Eight for Eight until the Venezuelan Elections - Free Track of the Day.

Thanks for the wonderful response to our Featured Track of the Day (9 for 9 until the Venezuelan Elections on December 6th, 2015)  We believe that regime change is possible and the return of Venezuela to a country of great promise for arts and humanity is also possible. 

Today's track is the second on "All My Relations (at peace)" - Love Will Break Your Crown. 

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Here's some thoughts about the song: Paul began the groove and chords, Miguel had the story/lyric idea of a human-cyborg love relationship which was in need of care. The human was feeling dissatisfied with the simulated smells and tactile experiences of loving a machine. In turn, the cybernetic partner was missing the flesh and blood that existed now only in her memory.

Love can melt the selfishness of ego, giving love is the true gift. Pride goeth before inhumanity.