Dogon Remix by Jhno from "Redunjsta" - Free today on Soundcloud

Today's track is "Departures on a Sacred Hymn of the Sirians" from our 1998 release Redunjusta. The remix is by Jhno, a very special artist and friend of our band. He is a musical nomad, living where the music takes him for the last two decades: Berlin, Istanbul or North Carolina - he could be coming to your town next! We had the opportunity to work with him in the 90s and got to tour with him on the Ambient Brunch Tour.  Here is a link to his work as a programmer and musician at Delicate Ear, his record label and website. 

The original track, "Lleno," is one of our favorites. It came about during the first sessions for Notdunjusta and was a mainstay of our live show in those days. There was a good deal of talk around then about Sirius and the transmissions of Doris Lessing in her SHIKASTA of visionary fiction.  "Lleno" channeled an internal Dogon melody and it was broadened to include vocals during our live shows and the subsequent remix by Jhno. He remained very faithful to the harmonic and melodic elements of the piece, simply mutating and double-timing our rhythms to create a metallic underworld which occasionally gains control of the track.