4 more days - "Thousands of Uncountable Flowers"


The lyric is based on wise words from Master Osho. We were consulting the amazing "Zen Tarot" and drew the card on which this song is based. Perhaps the groove and concept is reminiscent of our "Round Buddha Factory," (a hit if ever we had one) that appeared on The Sirius Expeditions (1997).  The lyric says:

Thousands of uncountable flowers, each an uncontrollable self.
Each one is a form of the power, bliss and ecstasy in itself.
Bars and windows are of your making, clinging to the cage every day.
Freedom is the way of the eagle, opening its wings on the way.

Visionary Artwork by Pablo Amaringo

A beautiful analog for the aspects of the self that seem to spin outward from our inner core and try to seduce us into going for a ride with each of them.  These constructs imprison us and keep us from being whole, they are all part of us and no single entity within us deserves our full attention. Breathe into the nothingness, let sound wash over you and settle into the gorgeous abyss!

And the tree hugged me and it was an unknown god . . .